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Use the Net Promoter System® to gain critical insights about your customers, deliver better experience and improve customer retention.

Close the feedback loop

The future of internet business is personal communication.
Open a new channel of communication and establish real connections with your customers.

  • STEP 1

    Ask your customers to answer a simple question from within your website. See demo survey →

    Survey customers from inside your website
    NPS survey and open-ended question
  • STEP 2

    If you don’t receive a response, send a follow-up email or repeat the in-app survey after a stipulated time.

    Net Promoter Score Email Survey
    Net Promoter Survey on Mobile
  • STEP 3

    See and respond to feedback instantly. You can segment, filter and manage responses from your dashboard in real-time.
    See the demo dashboard →

    Real time responses
    Actionable feedback
  • STEP 4

    Fix the issues that your detractors are facing and ask your promoters for testimonials.

    Ask for testimonials
    Respond to support requests
  • STEP 5

    Set your survey to restart after regular intervals. This will help you identify changes in customer sentiment over time.

    Regular Net Promoter System surveys
    Track NPS trends over time

Beautiful & completely customizable survey

Metriculator's in-app survey and follow-up emails can be easily customized to match your brand.
All these settings can be managed from Metriculator's interface without having to make any changes to the code.

Preview & customize the survey experience without any technical knowledge.
When you are ready to collect feedback, install our JavaScript on your website. It just takes a minute.

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Install this survey on your website

Want to see how the responses are recorded? Check our demo dashboard →

Start collecting customer feedback in minutes

Iteratively act on feedback to turn your detractors into happy customers.

Painless Setup

Insert our snippet of code into your website and start collecting feedback instantly.

Works out of the box on all kinds of websites & platforms. No technical knowledge required.

Complete Control

Customize the survey look and feel of the widget & email to match your website’s design.

Metriculator supports multiple languages and lets your customers fill out the survey in their native language.

Instant Responses

Start receiving feedback in real time and get email alerts as soon as new feedback arrives.

Metriculator also lets you segment & filter responses based on your customer’s traits.

  • Run surveys at regular intervals
  • Send in-app & email follow-ups
  • Multiple color-schemes & themes
  • Automatically prevents over-surveying
  • Ask your promoters for testimonials
  • Advanced filtering & targeting
  • Export responses as CSV
  • API Access
  • Invite your entire team
Start collecting feedback for free →

Collect actionable NPS feedback on your website in minutes.
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Based on a proven and powerful methodology

Metriculator uses NPS (Net Promoter Score) as the metric for measuring customer satisfaction and business growth.
NPS is a simple yet powerful methodology for measuring a customer’s overall satisfaction with your product or service.

Step 1

Ask your customers a simple question

NPS survey starts off with one simple question. Customers are asked to rate on a 11-point scale, their likelihood of recommending your product/service to a friend or a collegue. Since the responses to this question are on a numerical scale, it provides a quantitative metric that can be monitored over time.

How likely are you to recommend our product to your friends?

Step 2

Listen to what your customers have to say

After this, customers are asked an open-ended question where they can explain the reasoning behind their score - the issues they have faced with your product or the things that they liked about it. Although the numeric score alone is sufficient for measuring NPS, it is critical to evaluate the comments that your customers write because this gives a qualitative insight to your product's overall customer engagement. Some examples of this are as follows -

What changes would we have to make for you to give us a higher rating?

What is the primary reason behind the ratings you provided?

Step 3

Improve customer satisfaction, reduce churn & build customer loyalty.

Based on the responses and the score provided, customers are categorized into three groups -

  • Detractors are the unhappy and unsatisfied customers
  • Passives are somewhat satisfied but unlikely to recommend your product to anyone
  • Promoters are loyal and happy customers who are most likely to recommend your product to their friends and colleagues.

The ultimate goal of measuring NPS is to understand the pain points faced by the detractors and passives, resolves those issues and convert them into happier customers who will put the word out and allow for increased revenues and profits.

Importance of Net Promoter Score

Net Promoter Score (or Net Promoter System) is used by a lot of companies across different verticals such as Apple, Dell, AirBnB and Slack. Use Metriculator to start an NPS campaign for your company today →

Affordably Priced

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  • $19 / month

  • Receive upto 100 responses per month
  • Manage upto 500 customer profiles
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  • $99 / month

  • Receive upto 2,500 responses per month
  • Manage upto 25,000 customer profiles
  • No Metriculator branding
  • $299 / month

  • Receive upto 25,000 responses per month
  • Manage upto 250,000 customer profiles
  • No Metriculator branding

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